Identity and Security for IoT at Scale

UniquID leverages blockchain technology to automate device Identity Access Management (IAM), protecting your business and improving productivity.

Why We Created UniquID

Today's solutions were created for people, not for things.

UniquID provides Identity Access Management for secure machine-to-machine connections. It is a superior solution to user-generated passwords, X.509 certificates, and IP-based networking, techniques that are not ready to protect your connected things at scale.

No Passwords

They can be guessed, cracked or reverse engineered

No Certificates

X.509 requires PKI management, central servers and complex processes

No IP Addresses Needed

To reduce power consumption and extend battery life, for cheaper devices

How It Works

No trusted third parties, to increase infrastructure security

UniquID applies decentralized, peer-to-peer networking principles to achieve higher infrastructure availability and resilience. Devices generate their own identities, securing authentication and encryption through blockchain timestamping and digital signatures.

Open Source
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