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Welcome to UniquID

UniquID’s peer-to-peer protocol is an enabling technology that deploys modular, atomic, and minimized-trust rules to interconnect networked endpoints.

UniquID is more efficient than traditional IAM for:

Starting November 2021, UniquID is entirely open-source and free for non-commercial use and experimentation. The system runs using Litecoin Testnet tokens - however, it is blockchain-agnostic and can leverage any other decentralized infrastructure broadcasting public micro-transactions. Get in touch with us at if you are interested in adopting UniquID within your business.

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Technical documentation

UniquID goes beyond the traditional concepts of server and client, so we offer several approaches to understand the technology:

Getting Started is a step-by-step guide to deploying your first virtual organization on Amazon AWS to interconnect IoT devices and their cloud services.

UniquID Architecture is a comprehensive document to learn the foundational concepts and the critical topics of the protocol.

Implementation Guide supports developers integrating UniquID with their systems. End-to-end Demo is a guide to deploying a “Sales Demo” using off-the-shelf hardware for a simple smart-meter use case.

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