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UniquID is the Identity as a Service to leverage the emerging standards for a decentralized IoT. We improve the operations efficiency of enterprises that need to Provision, Connect and Control critical assets (sensors, actuators, appliances) overcoming the scalability burden of legacy protocols.
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# The challenge of maintaining control at the edge of IoT networks

A shift to distributed networks of heterogeneous smart devices is introducing key challenges for the people responsible for the infrastructure:


Spreadsheets with serial numbers, passwords, x.509 certificates introduce complex and repetitive processes. Applied to IoT devices, every minute needed in the field will multiply the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), hitting the profits of associated products and services.


Building and maintaining the right mix of Certification Authorities, Hardcoded Keys and Management Platforms requires the right talent and months of hard work. The absence of a shared control framework between devices, gateways and cloud applications multiplies these efforts and costs.


Firewalls, Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentications, are critical to secure advanced IoT solutions and preserve the integrity of data in motion. But the lowest-power endpoints, running in the field, are vulnerable to attacks that are challenging to prevent and detect from the cloud.

# Your Tools to Build IoT Systems that Scale

Empower your team with a common framework that drives efficiency, excellence and confidence in your IoT solutions. UniquID provides production-grade blockchain and distributed networking tools to enable devices' intelligence and scalability at the edge of your IoT infrastructure

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Follow our step-by-step tutorial, deploy UniquID on your Amazon AWS IoT instance and begin today to test our solution with your servers, applications, and devices.


# About Us

UniquID is combining seasoned experts, with a rich background deploying embedded and enterprise security solutions, with young and talented engineers who love to build decentralized systems with the blockchain. We keep a pragmatic approach to innovative technologies, striving for a robust, production-grade solution that captures your enterprise needs.
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